Hiring a Professional Organizer Can Be Like Shaking An Etch-A-Sketch

When you were a kid, did you own an Etch-A_Sketch?  You could turn those dials and make the lines go in crazy, jumbled directions. You could try and make an actual picture or just scribble away.  When the picture got too muddled or you wanted to try something different, you just gave it a good […]

Do You Have Items That Need A Time Out?

Have you ever thought of giving your stuff a time out?  Well, let us introduce to you a great organizing tool called the “TimeOut Box”.  If you have ever tried to get organized, you have probably read about, or tried, the “ Keep” and “Go” method.  Why? Because it works. It’s a great starting point […]

Guilty or Not Guilty? Environmental Guilt

If you are on social media or watch the news or even read the newspaper, you can’t miss hearing about what is happening with our environment, global warming, and the call to action to make more responsible environmental choices.  Insert Environmental Guilt. The last 2 weeks we have discussed guilt associated with our stuff and […]

Guilty or Not Guilty? Emotional Guilt

Last week we discussed the financial guilt surrounding clutter and disorganization. Now let’s discuss Emotional Guilt and how we attach it to things in our space.  While there can be several reasons we attach emotional guilt to items as professional organizers, we have determined to two (2) most likely reasons for emotional guilt are; Gifts […]