The First Step

The First Step You may be surprised to read that the first step in organizing is not getting organized.  The first step is letting go!   Finding storage solutions, taking up storage areas or prime living space for items that you actually don’t really want is a time (and space) waster, no matter how great the […]

Lost In The Back Country

We got an email from an old friend last week. “We moved and I can’t take it anymore. We have too much S*%! and I want it all GONE!” So being the incredible business that we are, we squeezed our friend Mrs.P into a week that was already busting at the seams. But we understand […]

Years of De-Cluttering

17 years of being a Certified Professional Organizer and you can probably guess – I’ve seen it all. But something I didn’t actually anticipate back in 2001, was the relationships I would be forming with my clients. In my view 17 years of being in a small business and being successful is an incredible accomplishment. […]

#BellLetsTalk – Mental Health

We are lucky to have the support of a large national company, Bell Canada who is investing in Mental Health Awareness across our country. I would be surprised if there was one person among us who has NOT been touched by a mental health issue. Many discussions have started in my days working with clients […]

It’s been a different sort of day

As I work away in my office doing everything that needs to be done to run a small business of my own, it’s been a challenging day to stay on task. The recent election in the USA has most people in a daze today, I’m finding. I went to bed last night feeling anxious and […]

What kind of FUN brings you the MOST happiness?

Sunday Night “happiness project”. I’m still stuck on this “fun” thing. I’m pretty much always about FUN. I love hanging with people that are fun, I like seeing others having fun because it usually makes me smile and I often encourage everyone to let their guards down and “go for it”. Gretchen Rubin states that […]

Where there is no wood, the fire goes out…

Happiness Project Sunday night edition. Go off the path. It’s the next step in Rubin’s “Happiness Project”. And it’s so absolutely true for myself, my co-workers and my clients. I have always been someone who believes in constant learning, someone who refuses to stop looking at things in a different light. And that is such a […]

Do You Remember The Last Time You Were Silly?

“A good belly laugh will keep you young.” This is something I heard time and time again from my grandmother. Man could we laugh. Even now thinking back I’ve got a huge grin on my face and I can’t stop the flow of memories. I’m into Chapter 5 of my book ” The Happiness Project” by […]

Do you find you’re not making time for FUN?

I’m half way into “The Happiness Project” and again, it’s like Gretchen Rubin was writing about me! 6 months in and Gretchen is writing about how she needs to “have more fun in her life” Well, I’m not sure that I feel I need more fun, but I think it can never hurt anyone’s life […]

Work Smart – Leads to Happiness??

Yes, That’s what I thought I had read. Gretchen Rubin writes “As I had found in January, when I started applying the “one minute Rule” and the “evening tidy-up” small efforts, made consistently, brought significant results. I felt more in control of my workload.” This made a serious “slap in the face” moment for me. […]