Red Solo Cups – AGAIN!

Imagine! Just In Time Solutions just found “Another” use for the solo red cup! Remember this one when you’re packing up those tree decorations.

It’s a special time of year!

We LOVE Christmas! It’s our favourite time of year. We truly believe in the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of love for all mankind. Just In Time Solutions is getting excited. There are some clients out there that are banking on our services for the New Year. The gift of Rebecca and Erin is NEVER […]

Oh the wrapping! The worst Job of all!

Have you started your Christmas Shopping? Are you almost done? Now that overwhelming task to get it all wrapped without prying eyes? Call Just In Time Solutions we can make this problem disappear and a donation will be made to toys for tots with every “wrapping session” booked! Can’t beat that Christmas feelin!

There’s isn’t a THING they need!

The countdown is on…but this Christmas season doesn’t have to be hustle and bustle! My parents have EVERYTHING they could possible want. How do I know this? Because their garage is full, the basement is a 1000 Sq foot storage space and I think Mom’s pantry still has food in it from the 80’s! ( […]

Black Friday!

BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Whoop Whoop! What? Wait a minute….I’ve got “stuff” coming out of every storage closet I have. I don’t need MORE stuff! I need Just In Time Solutions! Call today for our Black Friday DEAL! 519-227-2241

The Best Gift Of All??

One of your clients was a elementary school teacher for 35 years. I asked her what was a gift you got a lot from students? Just In Time Solutions has a great idea for teacher gifts… What are some of your ideas?

Oh oh! The rumblings have started….

It’s Coming! It’s almost here! While we truly love a good deal, there’s something to be said for shopping with a list and staying on task! Get organized people. Stay Calm! When in doubt turn to Just In Time Solutions we’ve got a deal that’s hot hot hot!

The Countdown is ON!

IN one month there are going to be numerous “New” things coming into your home. Make the next month count by establishing this at the door. Donate, Deliver,Gifts and Library. Then when the big day arrives you might have room for all those wonderful gifts!