You’re organized! Now what?

You’re organized! Now what? You’ve spent the past few months, maybe even up to a year, discarding, decluttering and reinventing your space. So how do you maintain this new life of order and calm? Here are some tips that can help you maintain your newly reclaimed space. Be mindful about what you bring into your […]

Topic Two: Cosmetics and Body Care Products

Topic two: Cosmetics and body care products – Organizing in the bathroom Another area of the home that often gets cluttered with items we don’t use or discard “expired” items from is the bathroom. Whether it is a collection of soaps and lotions you received as gifts or your favourite beauty product, we often forget […]

Your Mental Health and Clutter

Have you ever thought of clutter affecting your mental health?  Have you ever walked into a room and walked out because you are frustrated, you cannot find what you need or you just feel overwhelmed?  Have you ever said I just need to tip my house of its contents and start all over?  Clutter is […]

Just One Thing!

When you get up in the morning and start your day, it’s important that you understand that the space you are living in reflects what’s going on in your life. There is a link to your surroundings that is like an umbilical cord. We have years of experience working with families and individuals and we’re […]

Topic Three – Medications

Topic Three: Medications – Do they expire? After you are done checking out the beauty and skin care products, take a look in the medicine cabinet. Do you have bottles in there that could be considered collectible? How long have you had that Tylenol? Does it matter? The answer is yes…and no. Yes, medications do […]

Topic One: Food

Topic One: Food – Best Before vs Expiry Dates…What’s the difference? A good place to start when organizing your kitchen is with the edible items.  Easy enough…right? Well, not always.  Yes, getting rid of that box of crackers that has been open since last Christmas or the box of cereal with nothing but dust left […]

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen Cupboards

Spring is here!  A great time to get all your closets, storage areas, kitchen and bathrooms decluttered and organized so you can head outside in the nice weather.  Often this time of year we talk about going through your closets, but this year I am going to talk about the kitchen.  I find it is […]

You Home – Your Office – Your School?

Has COVID 19 turned your home into your office, your child’s classroom or both? Have the lines between workspace and living space become blurred.  So many people suddenly found themselves turning their homes into temporary offices or school rooms and after 2+ years, some are realizing, for them, it’s no longer temporary.  Some businesses have […]

Maintenance your way to less stuff!

“Just put it in the attic/basement/garage, we will deal with it later…” Too often, this statement is repeated and then finally, one day, later arrives.  Is there a way to avoid the years of accumulation? Should those ‘keepsakes’ be looked at more often? Space can be a bad thing for some people. It gives us […]

Do You Have Items That Need A Time Out?

Have you ever thought of giving your stuff a time out?  Well, let us introduce to you a great organizing tool called the “TimeOut Box”.  If you have ever tried to get organized, you have probably read about, or tried, the “ Keep” and “Go” method.  Why? Because it works. It’s a great starting point […]