You Home – Your Office – Your School?

Has COVID 19 turned your home into your office, your child’s classroom or both? Have the lines between workspace and living space become blurred.  So many people suddenly found themselves turning their homes into temporary offices or school rooms and after 2+ years, some are realizing, for them, it’s no longer temporary.  Some businesses have […]

Back to School – Elementary

Organizing for Back to School   It is that time of year again and whether you have a child in Elementary, High school or going off to College or University, you need a plan for the next few weeks.   Elementary   Make sure you have any childcare arrangements made so there are no surprises […]

Getting Ready to send your Teens off to College or University

Tips for Teens to get ready to move out. 1. First you want to purge your belongings and get rid of what you do not want anymore – Giveaway, Throwaway, Put away and Take away ( to college/university) Those things you are keeping and leaving behind, if they are items you will not use when […]