19 Must-Read Storage Hacks for a Cluttered Home

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Jamie Forbes, on an informative Redfin article: 19 Must-Read Storage Hacks for a Cluttered Home. I shared about the importance of paying attention to small items. From the article: “Make sure your small items have a home; when they do, cleaning up is quick and straightforward. For […]

Shop Therapy – Alternate Ideas

Do you love to shop? Is your love of shopping starting to create clutter in your home? Is your love of shopping causing financial stress? Most individuals who love to shop say it’s like therapy. It gives them a needed dopamine fix which, at the time releases stress, creates excitement and even feel joy. Unfortunately, […]

Don’t Put It Down, Put It Away

If you follow us on social media or have had us come help you, you will likely have heard us say “Don’t put it down, put it away”. So, what do we mean by that? Clutter and disorganization are often the result of items coming into your home that do not have a designated space […]

Professional Organizer vs Moving Company

You may never have thought of comparing a Professional Organizer to a Professional Mover, but when it comes to preparing for a move, some areas of services these two (2) professions offer get compared. At Just In Time Solutions, we like to see moving companies as a partnership. Each profession has it’s services, that combined, […]

Not One Size Fits All

When it comes to organizing your space, there are thousands of self help books, hundreds of magazines, several t.v. programs and millions of organizing tools. You can spend a lot of money and still not feel like you know how to organize or stay organized and just feel more overwhelmed. That’s because there is no […]

Packing Tips from a Professional Organizer: Getting Your Home Ready for Moving Day.

Top 5 Do’s! Ah packing, not everyone’s favourite task to tackle.  Unfortunately, if you are planning any type of move, packing is a must. Over the many years of professional organizing and helping clients to prepare for moves, we have learned a few do’s.  Top 5 Do’s (in no particular order) Declutter first! You only […]

The World of Online Auctions:

Part 3 of 3 What can you expect as a buyer? Welcome to the final part of our series on online auctions. This method of buying and selling has become increasingly popular, especially with the current pandemic and ever changing public health measures.  So what can you expect as a buyer if you’ve never used […]

The World of Online Auctions: Part 2 of 3

Who uses online auctions and why? So we’ve defined and explored online auctions. Now let’s discuss who might use such a platform and why?  The popularity of online auctioning has exploded in the past few years. A survey conducted by the National Consumers League in the U.S. found that one third of American adults, approximately […]

Being organized means finding what you want, when you want it.

There is no right way, only what is right for you!  The organizing industry is booming. It is one of the fastest growing professions.  A recent Canadian survey said “70% of Canadians interview said they were not very organized”. “19% of Canadians felt stressed and could not relax at home because of clutter and disorganization.”  […]