Certified Professional Organizers

We work with you to create calm, welcoming, functional spaces that stay that way.

Certified Professional Organizers

We work with you to create calm, welcoming, functional spaces that stay that way.

Clutter is just unmade decisions.

We know it’s overwhelming. Clutter is stressful and it’s hard to know where to start. At Just In Time Solutions our goal is to empower you. We want to take that overwhelming feeling and self doubt away, while we work with you in a judgement free zone, side by side, until calm and confidence are restored.

We are here to guide you from chaos to calm.

Disorganized, non-functional spaces and “too much stuff” can cause stress levels to spike for many reasons. Not every “mess” is made of garbage, and the idea of weeding out what needs to stay and what needs to go can be very overwhelming.

Whether you’re tidying a long neglected space, making more room in your home, or downsizing before a big move, Just In Time Solutions is committed to working with you, confidentially and with honesty and respect, to accomplish your goals.

There is a right way to do it, and we've done it many times.

Doing something the first time, or in your spare time always comes with a steep learning curve, and restoring function to a space is no different. We have years of experience, and have organizing spaces of all types down to a science.

Working with us is like taking the express route toward your goals, and we take the most compassionate, efficient, and stress-free way path to get there, then leave you with the tools to maintain it.


At Just In Time Solutions we create custom, organizing solutions for the people of London, ON and the surrounding areal. Our organizing solutions match your personality, availability and budget to organize your space, and we teach you as we go. Then we leave you with tailored systems that make maintenance a breeze and work the way you do.

Consultation Call

We begin with a consultation over the phone to give you a chance to get to know us as we assess your goals.

Site Visit

Next we’ll visit your space in the London, ON area to assess your needs, before creating a custom solution.

System Success

We are committed to lasting success and create actionable systems that will allow you to do so on your own.


No matter the space, we have the solution. Below you’ll find a list of ways we’ve helped clients in London and the surrounding area, but there is no mountain we won’t climb! Reach out if you’d like to chat about your case.

Basement Organization

“My kids were so excited to have a space just for them and my husband could not wait to get into his workshop.” Stop saying “I …

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Cleaning Services

Just Simply Clean is a division of Just In Time Solutions, our Professional Organizing company. Clients were asking if we cleaned after we got their homes …

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Closet Organization

“I just wanted to stand in my closet for a while, after we de-cluttered many years of unworn and unloved clothes. I just felt so good.” …

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Decluttering Services

Decluttering When Decisions are Difficult “Clutter is just unmade decisions.” Have you, or someone you know, ever called you a “Hoarder”? Or, do you find yourself …

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“We were in a whirl wind and not sure where to start and what to keep…in no time we were feeling more settled. They made this …

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Estate Clearance

“My nephew passed away and left a house full of things and a grieving daughter. They helped my great niece to sort, donate and keep what …

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Garage Organization

“I was embarrassed to leave the garage door open too long, now for the first time ever, I parked my car in my garage!” Do you …

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Household Organization

“It’s a tall order to undo 10 years worth of junk piling up, but they did it in two days.” Do you have a room that …

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Kitchen Organization

“This is so exciting! I’m sitting down at my kitchen table to eat lunch.” Where do visitors always gather? Just In Time Solutions can give you the …

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Life Changing Events & Adaptation

“I had hip replacement surgery and was using a walker. After a flood in my basement there was no way I was going to be able …

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Moving: Before & After

“….moving a home in a short period of time turned into a thorough, efficient, seamless and relieving experience.” How would you like to be able to …

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Office Organization

Find that school permission form, pay bills on time, save trees by ending the overuse of sticky notes, stop making excuses for missed appointments or lost …

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Photo Digitization

You’ve got boxes and boxes of loose photos. You don’t want to get rid of them, they’re important to you! But you don’t have the time …

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Senior Move Management

Your family is busy. The kids are navigating through their own action packed lives and you’ve decided that you want to downsize to a more manageable …

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A little about us.

Based in Lucan, ON, we provide organization solutions in the London, ON area. We also travel across Southwestern Ontario helping people organize and beautify their life and the spaces they live in, by clearing out clutter and create systems for organization.

Caught under a paper avalanche?

After spending years with individuals who just could not stay on top of the paper that was coming into their homes and offices, Pauline established a paper solution that works for 90% of our clients. Add your email below and we’ll send you a copy for free!