“My job as a Senior’s Lifestyle Consultant is to assist clients with their transition moves from a home to a Retirement Residence.

In interviewing Pauline and Just In Time Solutions for the major task of organizing, packing and auctioning my client’s home in preparation for sale, I knew I found the right team to do the enormous job ahead!

Pauline and her Team, Rebecca & Erin, went above and beyond to help my client organize the items to take with him to the Retirement Residence and those that would go to storage. They categorized and sold all of the remaining household items in an auction and even volunteered to help find a new home for his cat. Upon moving into his Retirement Residence, they unpacked and set up his room for him – so he felt right at home!

I couldn’t have been more confident in their abilities and the constant flow of communication to make it all happen in a timely manner was outstanding!

I won’t hesitate to use them again in the future and recommend them to anyone in need of organizing and moving. The whole Team goes out of their way to make sure the client is happy and well taken care of. Many Thanks!”
“I think I’ve picked up a trick or two from you over the years but so many times, when I think I have an idea on how to accomplish things, you come charging in with your professional skills and blow me right out of the water. I really needed you to come up with that plan of getting most of the stuff out of the storage locker and then downsizing. My organizational skills and thought processes are in the dumpster more than ever since this move so I hope you realize how much I recognize and appreciate you and the team for steering me in the right direction, knowing what the priorities should be and then accomplishing everything so quickly and efficiently. It also overwhelms me that you genuinely recognize and care about the consequences (financial, physical and emotional well being) of hanging on to everything that I have had no ability to deal with for almost a year. I know I still have a lot to do but now it’s mostly here where I have access to it. Thank YOU again and Team Irish and Mrs. Aussie. (My Dream Team). You also have an amazing ability to see, and hire, the very best people.
Stay Safe. Be Well.”
ADHD Client
Pauline transform my home office. It started as a place that caused anxiety and exhaustion to a peaceful place to work. The change truly increased my productivity and my home office became a place I wanted to be in. I’m grateful I picked up the phone and called Pauline. And so happy she agreed to take on the challenge!
St. Thomas, ON
Stress free excellence. Pauline met with me and explained how they could help with the latter stage of organizing my move and Rebecca and Erin did exactly what she said they would do. It was was a pleasure working with them as we determined what to pack and move , what to recycle and what to trash. I would recommend JIT Solutions without reservation.
Thompson, ON
I found “Just in Time Solutions” by doing a search on the internet, and I contacted them based on the excellent reviews. I wanted to get this service as a gift to my adult son, who was living in our basement apartment. Pauline coached me on how to approach the subject with my son so that he would feel empowered by the offer. I do think he was profoundly embarrassed by his situation. Pauline was so patient while he built up the nerve to contact her, but once they met for their initial consultation, he was ready to tackle this project! It took just one day, and the overall cost was so reasonable. My son was so proud of the work they did together, and he now has renewed confidence in himself. That alone is priceless. Thanks Pauline and crew; your team is amazing!! I would recommend your service to anyone!
London, ON
Erin and Rebecca are miracle workers! They transformed my basement in the midst of a major renovation and the end of a 25 year marriage. The thought of organizing and purging years worth of furniture, craft materials, dishes, kid stuff, keepsakes (we kept those in a much more manageable fashion), books, construction “stuff”, Christmas decorations, etc, etc, had me overwhelmed and frustrated. Erin and Rebecca were cool, creative and compassionate! Thank you!! I am loving my new basement space!
Heather C.
Tillsonburg, ON
After being rescued before a move , during and afterwards, I now have the benefit of regular visits to keep me and my filing cabinet organised and spots in the house brought up to snuff again. Meeting up with JUST IN TIME several years ago has been wonderful, a real life and sanity saver!
Sheila Maureen B.
Strathroy, ON
I have appreciated the support of the team, Rebecca and Erin to keep me on track with parting with years of stuff which I no longer needed but was not able to begin the process. So far I have been able to let go of many items which I no longer needed. Welcome to the world of decluttering -a process which requires a team leader to keep the wheels turning. When I actually sell my condo, I will be over the moon! Thx for your caring vision!
Frances B.
London, ON
My sister, Pauline Hoffman, owner of Just in Time Solutions, kindly offered to help me organize my basement recently. I just did not know what to do with it – I would look at it and just turn around and go back upstairs. Now I love my basement and it is getting the use I wanted. I am a fairly organized person, but through the years I have learned so much from Pauline to amp up my organization. All of her tips have made my life easier and my home more organized. Thank you Pauline – you do great work!
Carole W.
London, ON
The girls were extreme helping to organise my cluttered basement and kitchen! As a single mum with two young children, I couldn’t find the time to tackle these projects. In less than a day, Just In Time Solutions organised my basement, helping me decide what to discard and what to keep. They also took my kitchen apart and put it all back together into a much more functional kitchen with everything labelled and sorted. I cannot thank you enough for lifting this tremendous weight off my shoulders!
London, ON
Pauline and her team did a wonderful job for us. My nephew passed last fall and he left a house full of things and a grieving daughter. Our lawyer gave us Pauline’s number and she and her team helped my great niece to sort, donate and keep what was important.They helped to move her to a smaller place. They cleaned the house and fixed smaller problems. They did such a good job, that the house sold in three weeks.Thank you Pauline for a great job well done.
Agota T.
London, ON
Pauline and Erin did a fabulous job organizing our company offices and warehouse. They turned everything upside down, and created a home for every piece of paper and item. Now we have a system that works well for everyone, maximizing time and productivity. They were very professional, but also fun to work with! Thank you!!!
Cassandra N.
Just in time Solutions sure helped . I had files that I wanted gone – over 7 years but for some reason it is easier to keep than get rid of . Amazing sorting and glad they are gone. Also reorganizing from clutter ( not hoarding) to a system for everyday . Definitely recommend their service.
Ruth G.
Ilderton, ON
Pauline and her crew were life savers for us! What was looking to be a very daunting and intimidating process of packing, discarding and moving a home in a short period of time turned into a thorough, efficient, seamless and relieving experience – with a few giggles along the way! We are so grateful for Just In Time Solutions and would highly recommend Pauline and her crew to all. 🙂
Kelly R.
London, ON
Just In Time Solutions came out to my house after I had a flood in my basement.The “first response” company tore everything away from walls and piled all my belongings in the middle of the room. (in order to suck up the water)But there was no one to help me actually put the basement back the way it was!I had a hip replacement and was using a walker at the time. There was no way I was going to be able to do this on my own.The ladies came in and helped me make some decisions about items that I should have donated years ago.My basement was put back together in one day and my storage space was cleared to a suitcase and an artificial Christmas tree!Thank you Just In Time Solutions, for helping me when no one else did.
Betty M.
London, ON


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