Decluttering Services

Decluttering When Decisions are Difficult “Clutter is just unmade decisions.” Have you, or someone you know, ever called you a “Hoarder”? Or, do you find yourself struggling with too much stuff, but no matter what you do, you can’t get organized? Whether you have been disorganized all your life, or following a traumatic life experience, […]

Cleaning Services

Just Simply Clean is a division of Just In Time Solutions, our Professional Organizing company. Clients were asking if we cleaned after we got their homes organized and because our clients already trusted us and were pleased with our company motto and ethics, I decided to start a cleaning company to offer then the additional […]


“We were in a whirl wind and not sure where to start and what to keep…in no time we were feeling more settled. They made this overwhelming task less stressful.” “I could have done all the work myself, but it would have taken 185 years!” Just In Time Solutions will give you an enjoyable and […]

Kitchen Organization

“This is so exciting! I’m sitting down at my kitchen table to eat lunch.” Where do visitors always gather? Just In Time Solutions can give you the kitchen that you are proud to invite people into. Often times all it takes is better placement of kitchen items , downsizing of unused items so that your kitchen […]

Basement Organization

“My kids were so excited to have a space just for them and my husband could not wait to get into his workshop.” Stop saying “I don’t know what to do with that, just put it in the basement”. Stop hearing ” I don’t want to go down to the basement it’s too scary…or messy.” […]

Closet Organization

“I just wanted to stand in my closet for a while, after we de-cluttered many years of unworn and unloved clothes. I just felt so good.” Too many clothes, too many different sizes, too many shoes, too many seasons, not enough square footage? Let Just In Time Solutions help end the nightmare in your closet(s). […]

Estate Clearance

“My nephew passed away and left a house full of things and a grieving daughter. They helped my great niece to sort, donate and keep what was important. They did such a good job, the house sold in just 3 weeks!” Our Estate Services allow you to keep focus on the family and respect the […]

Household Organization

“It’s a tall order to undo 10 years worth of junk piling up, but they did it in two days.” Do you have a room that once belonged to your now adult children and you want to reclaim it for your own? Do you freeze when you hear the door bell ring because the idea […]

Garage Organization

“I was embarrassed to leave the garage door open too long, now for the first time ever, I parked my car in my garage!” Do you feel like the neighbours are judging you because of how your garage looks? Do you actually know what all the stuff in your garage is? With some de-cluttering, organizing […]

Life Changing Events & Adaptation

“I had hip replacement surgery and was using a walker. After a flood in my basement there was no way I was going to be able to do this on my own. My basement was put back together in one day and my storage space was cleared…thank you for helping me when no one else […]