Do You Have Items That Need A Time Out?

Have you ever thought of giving your stuff a time out?  Well, let us introduce to you a great organizing tool called the “TimeOut Box”.  If you have ever tried to get organized, you have probably read about, or tried, the “ Keep” and “Go” method.  Why? Because it works. It’s a great starting point for determining what items in your life need to stay and have “a home” and what items you have loved, but are finished with – or possibly never wanted in the first place.

Sometimes, during this keep and go process you stumble upon an item that you really don’t know if you want to keep it, but not sure you can let it go – insert the TimeOut Box here!

This box is a holding space for just such items.  And, just like a regular time out, there is a time limit to how long the item(s) stay in the box.  Be kind with yourself about the time limit, but also be realistic. Some items may only need to be kept in the box until you are finished with a specific space.  If once you are done, you see that you still have room or a purpose for the boxed item, then you can keep it.  If you realize that it no longer fits into the space, you let it go. Other items may have a more sentimental attachment, you may want to try and sell the item, or contact someone you think may want it.  These items may need a bit longer time in the box.  The sentimental items may be something you want to try and incorporate somewhere else in your home.  If you want to sell the item, give yourself a deadline it has to be sold by (usually a week is more than enough time to know if it will sell or not).  If you are contacting someone who you want to give the item to, contact them right away and give them a pick up by date, or give yourself a delivery by date.  If any of these times expire, you take a trip to your favourite donation place or arrange for a donation pick up.
The main objective of the TimeOut Box is it gives you permission to take a little more time on deciding on certain items, but gives you responsibility to do something with it in a timely manner.

About Pauline

Pauline Hoffman, CPO® founded Just In Time Solutions in November of 2001. Her clients feel comfortable and at ease as they make important, and sometimes daunting decisions about their space and belongings. Clients often comment how much easier their lives have become, which allows them to maintain a more independent lifestyle, regardless of age and/or ability.

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