Have a Stress Free Holiday Season!


  • Family Calendar – mark in all the events and appointments that are taking place in November and December and keep it up to date. Also schedule when you will put the tree up, and all the other Christmas things that need to be done to get ready.
  • Have an evening or day you get together with a friend and bake, it is fun and gets it all done for both of you. Most desserts, cookies and squares freeze well, so do this in November so you have treats to take to places when you are invited. I also make up boxes for people who I want to give a little something for the holiday season, like the guy across the street that blows our driveway out, just because. Another idea for baking is doing a cookie exchange with friends or coworkers.
  • Christmas Cards – who would like to send out cards, but just thinks it is just another thing to do? A couple things to think about, send cards to those you do not get a chance to see on a weekly basis, be selective when sending, do not just send because they sent you one. Christmas cards are like gifts, give because you want to, not because you have to. So if sending cards is not something you want to do, don’t and don’t feel guilty, if you want to send them, send them and have fun doing it. Keep a list of who you want to send to each year, add and delete to that list throughout the year as needed. This list can be in an address book either manually or electronic. When you do it electronic you are able to print out labels and this saves you time. Get the family involved, my children help put on stamps, return and sending address label and a Christmas sticker for the back. A Christmas letter is also a great thing to insert in a card for those people you maybe only see once or twice a year or maybe live far away, to update them on your life. Mail cards by end of November. With our system we can help you with this task.
  • If you send out business Christmas Cards, what about taking the pressure off and waiting till January and send a Happy New Year Card! Just In Time Solutions would be happy to help you putting this system in place and implementing.
  • Get your Christmas Decorations and Lights out by mid November so that you can enjoy them and get into the spirit of Christmas.
  • If your children are part of fund raisers or you are in a store and there is a great gift item on sale for $5 to $10 dollars, pick up a few, you can use for hostess gifts, teachers gifts, secret Santa gifts or whatever you might need a small gift for.
  • Also make sure your wrapping station is stocked with ribbon, wrapping paper or bags, tissue paper, tape and scissors so when you need to wrap, you can. When you have all your gifts together have a wrapping night with significant other, have some wine, put some Christmas music on and have fun!
  • When planning meals, party munchies, appetizers for entertaining, remember to keep it simple, light and fun. You do not want to be in the kitchen when your friends and family are there. Prepare as much ahead of time, have ingredients on hand to make up a quick party pleaser if you have someone drop in last minute. If you do not enjoy entertaining, hire out as much as you can, have a caterer, go potluck or get a couple highschool students to help out with serving and in the kitchen, or if you really hate entertaining, don’t do it.
  • Remember to delegate what you can. One person can not prepare for the holidays alone. Make it a family time.
  • Prepare meals in November and December that you can double up and put in the freezer, that way on a busy night, or a night you just want to put your feet up and you can pull a meal from the freezer.
  • If you have young children swap babysitting with a friend so that you can each get done what you need to do without having the children seeing all the Santa activities. The children will also have fun with their playmates.
  • If you are travelling out of town, make travel plan ahead of time so there are no surprises at the end.
  • List Notebook – carry a notebook, which I have put at your place setting, with you for lists, – grocery, gift ideas, to do’s

These are my organizing tips for the holidays.
I hope you will take home one idea to help make things run smoother this holiday season.

But remember the reason for the season, enjoy your family and friends, help out at local charities, look after yourself and above all HAVE FUN!!

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