Not One Size Fits All

When it comes to organizing your space, there are thousands of self help books, hundreds of magazines, several t.v. programs and millions of organizing tools. You can spend a lot of money and still not feel like you know how to organize or stay organized and just feel more overwhelmed. That’s because there is no “one size fits all” formula to organizing. For most people, organizing is a custom fit project and can even vary from space to space.

Before you even begin organizing, ask yourself theses questions;

  1. What organizing tools and strategies have worked well? Why?
  2. What organizing tools and strategies have not worked well? Why?
  3. How long can I expect to keep my focus on the area I am working in?
  4. Am I a visual person or do I like things out of sight?
  5. Do I work better alone, or with help?
  6. What is my organizing goal for my space(s)?

Asking yourself these questions can start to help you narrow in on what type of organizing would work best for you, as well as, how much time is reasonable to to achieve your organizing goals.

Being organized, does not mean your space(s) belong in a magazine. Being organized is having your space(s) in a way that

  1. Does not cause you stress.
  2. Where you can find things easily.
  3. Where everything has a place/home.

Be kind to yourself. If you still find yourself struggling, or need more help narrowing in on your organizing style, feel free to reach out or follow us on social media. No judgement. Just help to live your most organized life.

About Pauline

Pauline Hoffman, CPO® founded Just In Time Solutions in November of 2001. Her clients feel comfortable and at ease as they make important, and sometimes daunting decisions about their space and belongings. Clients often comment how much easier their lives have become, which allows them to maintain a more independent lifestyle, regardless of age and/or ability.

Caught under a paper avalanche?

After spending years with individuals who just could not stay on top of the paper that was coming into their homes and offices, Pauline established a paper solution that works for 90% of our clients. Add your email below and we’ll send you a copy for free!

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