Packing Tips from a Professional Organizer: Getting Your Home Ready for Moving Day – Top 5 Don’ts.

Packing Tips

Packing tips – Top 5 Don’ts!

Last week you read about the Top 5 Do’s when getting your home ready for move day. This week, we bring you the Top 5 Don’ts.

Top 5 Don’ts (in no particular order)


      1. Don’t just pack boxes full of random loose items you just dumped off your desk or the kitchen counter.  A new place means a chance to start fresh and organized. Opening a box of chaos is not going to help achieve that. Also, you are more likely to avoid unpacking a box that is overwhelming to look at, leaving the potential for it to sit taking up space or ending up lost in a basement.


        1. Don’t use newspapers to wrap items in.  It’s dirty and it will make more work for you unpacking. You will have to wipe off or wash the black residue off your items. Buying the unprinted moving newsprint (mentioned in the Do’s) is worth the investment.


          1. Don’t wait until the last minute to book a mover or even a rental truck. Especially if it is at the beginning or the end of a month. You may end up having to go with a less than great company and risk having a poor moving experience.


            1. Don’t pick a mover because they are the cheapest! Get referrals. These people are moving your most precious belongings, not the time to be a bargain hunter.


              1. Don’t let yourself get stressed out and overwhelmed! It’s ok to seek help.  Just In Time Solutions has helped so many clients downsize, pack, move and even unpack. Our services are totally customizable. We can help take the stress and chaos out of such a big and important time. 

            For a free estimate contact Pauline Hoffman, CPO and find out how we can help you or a loved one during the transition from old to new. 

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