Packing Tips from a Professional Organizer: Getting Your Home Ready for Moving Day – Top 5 Do’s.

Prep for Moving Day Top 5 Do’s!

Ah packing, not everyone’s favourite task to tackle.  Unfortunately, if you are planning any type of move, packing is a must. Over the many years of professional organizing and helping clients to prepare for moves, we have learned a few do’s. 

Top 5 Do’s (in no particular order)


      1. Declutter first! You only want to pack the items you want to take with you. By taking the time to sort through your belongings while you are preparing to pack you save space and money. No sense paying movers to move items you don’t really want, not to mention you will have to find a home for them in your new space or get rid of them then. 


        1. Wrap breakables well! Take the extra few minutes and spend the extra dollars on enough wrapping material to pack your breakables properly. Movers do their best when moving boxes around, but they can only be so careful. You don’t want to be disappointed when opening boxes later.  We recommend packing newsprint from a moving supplies company. 


          1. Label, label, label. No matter what you are thinking when you pack the boxes, you WILL NOT remember what is in them later. If you make a quick list on (at least one side of the box) you will thank yourself later when trying to find the coffee maker or bedding.  Also when labeling, be sure to put what room you want the box to go into. Doing this little thing helps the movers get boxes to the proper space and saves you searching for them or moving them later. It is recommended that you label on 3 sides (top, front and one end). That way you will be able to see what is in the box even if things are stacked on top.


            1. Tape boxes well! Like using proper wrapping, taping a box well (especially the bottom) will save you and your items from disaster. Also makes movers happy when they aren’t worrying about the bottom coming out of boxes.


              1. If using professional movers, let them wrap the big stuff. With furniture and large mirrors, even tv’s, a good moving company will wrap them up in moving blankets or shrink wrap and unwrap them at the new location. You can even leave non-breakables in dressers! Saves time and supplies.

            By doing these 5 things you can help increase the chances of a successful move and an easier transition into your new space.

            Stay tuned for next week’s post on Top 5 Don’ts!!

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