Selling Home…..?

Preparing your home for sale before staging!

Here’s a scenario we’d like you to consider:

All things being equal, two homes…

There is a raised ranch style home listed at $500,000 it is full of clutter and it is difficult to see in the storage areas as well as the overall home. The furnace room, basement and closets are all full of years of collecting. 

The second home has the same layout and is listed at $500,000 as well. This listing however, is clear of clutter, minimal furniture and it’s very easy to access all the areas one would need to inspect. 

The first home, you don’t actually see the clutter when you first walk in, but then you open the front closet. This is where your three kids, you and your partner will be hanging your coats.   The door only opens part way because something is caught and it’s too full. There’s a thought in the back of your mind that says “maybe this house isn’t big enough”.

As you enter the kitchen, which isn’t a bad size, you notice the counters are full of appliances and other items. Now you’re thinking, there doesn’t seem to be enough kitchen cupboards.  When you enter the bathroom the counters have the usual toothbrush holder and soap dish, however the three curling irons and the blow dryer are taking up 2/3 of the counter. You start to wonder  how your family will get ready in the morning,you take a quick peak and find the space under the sink is packed full.

 The next stop into the master bedroom, which is beautiful, however when we open the master closet it is packed. There is a lot of doubt that your clothes are going to fit in here, basically because you can’t see farther than a foot into the space.

Heading into the second home, this listing provides clear rooms, decluttered storage opportunities and lots of SPACE.

New buyers are looking to see if their “stuff” is going to fit into this home. If they can’t see the space because of your stuff, how are they ever going to imagine their stuff in there too?

In the second home, closets and counters are free from excess things. Hallways and furnace rooms are easily accessible. Showing this home is bound to be successful. 

Listing a home needs to be done at the right time. The right time for the market, the right time for you and the right time when considering the state of your home.

You want to be able to walk through a home you are considering buying with ease, to be able to look at things that are important, and not wonder what is under or behind all the stuff.  

That is where we come in, call us before you list and we will help you declutter, get rid of what you no longer need and prepare for your next move in a smooth and efficient way.

About Pauline

Pauline Hoffman, CPO® founded Just In Time Solutions in November of 2001. Her clients feel comfortable and at ease as they make important, and sometimes daunting decisions about their space and belongings. Clients often comment how much easier their lives have become, which allows them to maintain a more independent lifestyle, regardless of age and/or ability.

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