Topic Two: Cosmetics and Body Care Products

Topic two: Cosmetics and body care products – Organizing in the bathroom

Another area of the home that often gets cluttered with items we don’t use or discard “expired” items from is the bathroom. Whether it is a collection of soaps and lotions you received as gifts or your favourite beauty product, we often forget these items have limited use times before they can become harmful.  Like food, how do we know when to discard these items? What happens if we use them past these dates?  With any skin care products, whether for hair, face or body, we have to remember that using older products can be dangerous. They can cause skin and eye irritations, rashes, or infections. All bath and beauty products are made with the actual opening date of the product unknown, so oftentimes the life expectancy of the product only starts when the item is opened. How do you remember when you opened it? One way is to get a small label or piece of masking tape and write the month and year on it and stick it to the container. You could also make a special list on your phone or a list in a drawer in the bathroom. Be honest with yourself. Oftentimes you know if you have had a product sitting around for a long time.  You also know if you have those “gifts” that you will never use. If any items are unopened, again, consider donating to the food bank, shelters or offering on FaceBook groups. If they are opened, it is safest to throw them out. While you are in the bathroom, don’t forget to check the make up brushes and sponge applicators and give them a good wash (should be washed every 2 weeks) or consider replacing them. Click this link How long do my beauty products last for our cheat sheet on how long make up and other body products last once opened.  

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