Your Mental Health and Clutter

Have you ever thought of clutter affecting your mental health?  Have you ever walked into a room and walked out because you are frustrated, you cannot find what you need or you just feel overwhelmed?  Have you ever said I just need to tip my house of its contents and start all over?  Clutter is […]

It’s Not My Stuff…..

It’s not my stuff, but should I keep it? Is it wrong to let it go? A question so many are faced with when they downsize or lose a loved one.  There is no right answer with how to begin the process of letting things go.  There are steps you can take, and things to […]

Guilty or Not Guilty? Environmental Guilt

If you are on social media or watch the news or even read the newspaper, you can’t miss hearing about what is happening with our environment, global warming, and the call to action to make more responsible environmental choices.  Insert Environmental Guilt. The last 2 weeks we have discussed guilt associated with our stuff and […]

Can’t Do It Alone? That’s OK!

To assume that being able to organize is a natural instinct, is like assuming that all birds can fly. Not everyone has a natural ability to organize items and spaces. Not everyone wants their things organized the same way. The majority of people DO, however, want to live in an organized and clutter free space. […]